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Swarovski Earrings - Jet Black

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  • 925 Silver  , Gold plated 24K
  • Swarovski Jet - 8 mm
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Swarovski crystals are used in all aspects of jewelry making. Seasonal collections are introduced each year and typically include Swarovski crystals used in combination with precious and semi-precious gems, and metals plated with gold or silver. Swarovski has extensive jewelry lines for both men and women, which include necklaces, bracelets, rings, pins, earrings, and watches. 

Swarovski crystal jewelry should be treated the same as fine jewelry. Avoid exposing the crystals to water, chemicals, or harsh treatment from work or sports. Always remove Swarovski crystal jewelry prior to swimming and after applying makeup and lotions to skin. Mild soap, water, and a soft cloth should be used for cleaning and polishing Swarovski jewelry. 

source:  jewelryinfoplace.com